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To use the thermomix or not???

Posted by Bee & John on April 27, 2015 at 4:00 AM

I was asked recently, "don't you miss the caramelisation of the onions, the brown bits in the frypan?" - it's an interesting question…..


First of all…. Thermomix CAN caramelise PERFECTLY! GO LEARN!

But to answer the question…. Good caramelisation is a fine line between browning and burning! How many of us THINK we have perfect caramel tones in our meals but we have just got used to charcoal? :-D

Secondly…. it's a trade off - you do what you have time for, and what you enjoy doing as with ALL things. For example, your clothes will last longer and be cleaner if you wash them all by hand…. do you? Maybe for some.

Some points to consider when you make YOUR choice on what you use to cook your meal….


I think it comes down to time and oddly enough…. safety, considerations for the environment, $$ AND personal choice....


* stir and stir and stir to make sure you do not burn the onions,

* chop the onions in the first place and wash the knife/board

* keep an eye on the meal to make sure it bubbles away nicely and does not burn


* Are you going to be around while it's cooking so you can check nothing else is melting or catching on the flame and the kids aren't anywhere near

* will you remember to switch it off without being distracted?


* it is almost impossible to cook (with anything else) at the low temperatures that the Thermomix can - stands to reason that even if your other cooker is as low in power as the Thermy, that therefore it'll use more because you are cooking at a higher speed

* lets not just think of the greater environment, but also remember the micro-envronment. What happens to your kitchen walls when you cook on the stove or in the oven? The walls get slimy and/or the exhaust vents do…. that's because you are cooking your food at too high a temperature and the FOOD is evaporating and ending up on the walls. Cooking at that temperature not only means more cleaning (environmental issues - hot water, soap etc and time) but you're losing more nutrients too.


* Lets go back to fundamentals, don't cook at high a temperature? Cheaper! Don't burn your food occasionally? Cheaper!! (than take away). Cooking at the right temperature? More nutrients and better health (ultimately) - Cheaper!! Don't burn your saucepan, don't need to clean as often, less dishwashing detergent - Cheaper!


So… what do I do? Sometimes I do one, sometimes I do the other. Take for instance the meal we had the other day - Sausages in Brown Onion Gravy.

Nomally I do it in Thermy - I have a converted recipe on my website and in each batch of "favourite recipes" I give new owners. The other day I did it in the frypan (the type that's deep and has a lid). I did enjoy doing the stirring and watching the onions brown while I stirred and I enjoyed the actual hands on. What I traded off was the fact that I did burn the sauce slightly as it simmered on the lowest I could get on my stove and I have a lovely black saucepan to scrub!

Flavour… is it different? I don't think so.. apart from those BCB's (burnt crunchy bits) which give it more of a BBQ feel.

I like it both ways - most of the time I don't have the time to do it in the pan AND I don't like scrubbing pans so the Thermomix wins out more often than most :-)


Please do not feel "guilty" in not using your thermomix! It's like when you handwash your gentles… do you feel guilty you aren't using your washing machine? Your Thermomix is going to be with you, probably, for the rest of your life… you'll get plenty of use from it! Use it to make your life easier, cheaper and use it to introduce dishes you wouldn't normally cook…. but don't let the fact you enjoy a good saucepan stir to make you feel like a traitor.

I made the rice in the Thermy and kept the meal hot in my server... that'll do for today!

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