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Meet Stock Concentrate for Nikalene's Book

Posted by Bee & John on May 8, 2015 at 1:50 AM

Nikalene, from the fabulous Skinnymixers has just released a wonderful new cookbook with some fabulous Indian recipes.   She is largely considered to have THE best Butter Chicken recipe on the planet and I can't wait to try all of her other recipes.

You can find the link to her cookbook HERE

In the book... at the very start of the book.... Nikalene has some notes, one of them (I was SO chuffed to see I couldn't tell you!!) was that the Beef Stock Concentrate she uses is from my website.  To make it easier to find, I have the link for you.....


I also have a comparison between MY Beef Stock Concentrate and the one found in the new Basic Cookbook people get with their Thermomix. 


However, my Beef Stock Concentrate is very similar to the meat stock concentrate that is in the last Everyday Cookbook.... but :-D if you check the dates, you'll see MINE came first - no chicken and egg comparison here!

Just a couple of PS notes

  1. - if you want to change the BEEF component to Chicken, lamb or even fish.... feel free to just change the ingredient FROM Beef to Chicken etc.  Everything else stays the same.  
  2. PLEASE make sure you do not use lean cuts (like breast meat or pork fillet) as they have no flavour.
  3. I also have an Asian Soup Concentrate which is one we use SO often and is absolutely fabulous, try that too

Love your work Nikalene, and thank you for the complement!!

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