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Mini Vegemite / Peanut Butter scrolls

Posted by Bee & John on August 3, 2010 at 3:36 AM

I got up early one day and had plenty of time to make a basic bread dough and have it rise and cook before I went to work.

But I decided to make it a little bit fancy.  I divided the proved dough into two, stretched it until it was approx 30 cm long and then rolled out thin.

I spread a little oil on the first one and then the vegemite.  It isn't necessary, but the oil does make the vegemite spread well.  I then sprinkiled it with a little freshly ground parmesan cheese... rolled up and cut into small slices.

I did the same with the other one, but used no oil (didn't need it) and used peanut butter.

SCRUMTIOUS!!!  It made heaps.  This is the scrolls on the tray before cooking.  They rose again about 1/2 again as big.  and they were a big hit at John's work AND mine!!

The parmesan make them really tasty without the extra fat of the cheese (really though... my cheese was frozen and I didn't want to use that cold a product on the bread... fortuitous choice!!!  The parmesan was tasty!!)

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