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Rum Balls

Posted by Bee & John on August 13, 2010 at 8:15 PM

These are Wonderful!!!!!

Yet another fantastic chuck it in and pour it out recipe.

LESSON: Yes!!  there IS enough in the recipe.  Don't be a doubting Thomas and make a double lot like I did (although our guests didn't mind taking the rest home).  Not ever having made the real rum balls before - only ever the cheating bikkie/cocoa/condensed milk version... I didn't realise how rich these were.  One or two per person with coffee and port is just enough.

HINT: Hooley Dooley... they're strong tho... re-think the amount of rum if you are not really a rum person LOL

LESSON: don't roll them into balls with your hands.  The warmth of your hands will make them start to melt.  It works!  don't get me wrong... it just makes a hell of a mess.  Use two spoons and make blobs that way, or use a melon baller perhaps??

HINT: they are really best REALLY cold

HINT: if you display them with strawberries like below... make sure the strawberries are REALLY dry - see the darker spot on one of the rum balls??

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