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Thermomix version of Nutella

Posted by Bee & John on August 16, 2010 at 12:52 AM

O! M! G! That is fantastic!!!!  SO easy too.

I didn't actually HAVE hazelnuts - so I used Almonds.  Still YUMMY!!

Very chocolatey, very rich but not heavy.

I did a double mixture and it made 900mls  That's a lot!!  I have some 100ml plastic tubs I got from a plastics shop and it made 9 of them!

Cost?  It would have cost about $8 for the 900ml which is only a little cheaper than the bought stuff, but when you try it you'll agree that this is the GOURMET version!!!!!

Besides - it only has nuts, chocolate, butter, milk, sugar!  Not one additive or "stretching" ingredient (like palm oil etc) in sight :-)

HINT/LESSON: in the last 100g tub, I added a teaspoon of coffee.  Tasted fantastic!  However the coffee should have really been cooked in the sauce as the coffee granules didn't dissolve properly.

HINT:  It would also be wonderful with a few drops of orange essence in a tub, or even peppermint

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