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Choc & strawberry brioche bread

Posted by Bee & John on August 22, 2010 at 2:57 AM

I got a little carried away after I made the Thermomix answer to Nutella - oh! my goodness it's yummy!  But, this isn't about that :-)

I made a basic brioche bread mix, rolled it out thin-ish, spread the choc/hazelnut spread thinly and then sprinkled it with chopped fresh strawberries.

Rolled it up and cut into two - baked it the normal way.  Delish!!!!!  

LESSON: if you are storing the Brioche bread dough in the fridge over night, make sure it comes to room temperature before you roll/bake it.  It seems a bit more touchy than normal bread mix, which I keep in the fridge overnight all the time.  

LESSON: when I made normal bread scrolls, the chocolate spilled out all over the place - it added to the fun but was a bit messy.  SO... I thought I would spread the choc/hazelnut spread thinly - it was too thin and I couldn't taste it very well - be a bit more liberal than stingy ole me :-)

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