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Berry Cordial

Posted by Bee & John on September 6, 2010 at 1:32 AM

Thought I would give this a go... I had a punnet of strawberries, added 1 and a half kiwi fruits which brought it up to 3 times the amount that the recipe requested.  I did cook it a  little longer to compensate.

O.M.G!!  Yummo!

the strawberries and kiwi's cost me about $3 - the sugar another buck.  That means I made nearly a litre of fantastic, real fruit, delicious cordial for $4!  Last year I bought specialty cordial for $17 for 750mls - that means that I would have saved just over $20 by making it myself!!!

I have expanded now and have made Apple/Ginger and Apple/mint - using green apples.  Delish!  you have to try it!

O!M!G!  I have just made a heap of raspberry and apple cordial.  If I thought the earlier cordials were nice, they pale into insignificance!!!  YUM!

I small bag of frozen raspberries (on sale, cost me $3) and 4 Pink lady apples, have made nearly 4 litres of cordial!!! (Made in several batches)  - all up, 4 litres of cordiall, fresh fruit and natural AND nutritious cordial, cost me $7... That'll work out at about

5c-8c per glass!!

Why so much?  We are demonstrating at a fete this saturday and I would like to provide some cordial... maybe do some slushies :-)

HINT: I have made up to 2x the recipe at a time.  When you do that, puree the fruit with only 300mls of water and then add the second 300mls or you will have juice everywhere

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