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Almond Cheese Ball

Posted by Bee & John on November 11, 2010 at 10:35 PM

The almond cheese ball recipe is from the Festival Cookbook.

I didn't make a ball, but a long thin log.

Ease of making.... super easy

Taste.... nice, not wow though

I would be happy to make it again, but make a few changes

HINT: it makes a log about 35cm long!  1/2 the recipe if you are not going to have a heap of people turning up

HINT: there was too much almond!  Alright, I ground them down into a flour because I don't like chunky nuts... but WAY too much.  if you are going to do that... 1/2 the amount

HINT: there was not enough cracked pepper - not very peppery for MY taste, make sure you check that it is ok for you before adding any more.

HINT: next time... I'm going to use SMOKED almonds.  How nice would that be!!  That would really add to the flavour!!

HINT: if you aren't using smoked almonds - add something else to the cheese mix - a garlic clove?  some smoked salmon?  some more cracked pepper?  Small tin of tomato/tuna?

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