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Mushroom Soup

Posted by Bee & John on November 16, 2010 at 4:20 AM

John and I went for a drive on the weekend and ended up, as we usually do, at Protero Wines - they have the fabulous fruit and veggies and they are situated near Gumeracha (In the Adelaide Hills)

I have used their produce in my dishes before - this is where I got the yummy tomatoes and made the tomato sauce! - but this is the first time I used their RECIPE

Some fresh rosemary - to taste.  I used only tips, but about 10cm worth all up

1 garlic clove

1 small onion

10 grams of butter or oil

double handfull of mushrooms

Chicken stock 

NOTE: my chicken stock was - one litre of water, add 3 chicken thigh fillets (Cut into 4) and 1 tbls of TMX stock and a couple bay leaves. - boil the chicken for 20 minutes - take out chicken.  (I used the chicken in the KFC chicken recipe from the Thermomix Forum - yummy with salad and advocado)

Add the first 3 ingredients, chop for 5-8 seconds on 7
Scrape down sides
Add the butter and saute for 10 minutes on REVERSE and 100oC

While they are sauteing, slice the mushrooms thinly and add through the lid.

Add the stock and warm through - Voila

This is DELICIOUS!!  oddly enough, not overly mushroomy OR rosemaryish

HINT: Rosemary (From Protero Wines) said that she uses the mushroom base as a base for rissoto - and we all know how easy risotto is to cook in the Thermomix :-)

HINT: I actually had WAY too much stock (which is why I suggested a litre) - if you do too, reduce the soup by cooking for 10-15 mintues on Varoma temp without the measuring cup in place

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