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Chocolate Whisky drink (like Kaluha)

Posted by Bee & John on December 15, 2010 at 12:45 AM

from the "My Way" cookbook

Oh! My! Goodness!!!  SO yum!

Now, let me be clear... I don't drink.  Well.... not much.  Maybe a glass of VERY sweet wine once or twice a year - but that is it.  I've always said that I enjoy a glass of lemonade just as much as a glass of alcohol.. so why pay the extra!

But I have now changed my mind!!

I never minded Kaluha - but didn't like it enough to actually buy it :-)

This is SO divine - a RICH, thick, chocolately drink... especially nice over expresso coffee ice cubes!  I'm actually having one or two glasses a night!!

HINT: use a good quality dark chocolate for both the milk and dark portion of the chocolate

HINT: Try that combination of coffee icecubes and the drink!  Yum!! 

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