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KuKu Paka (Chicken in coconut sauce)

Posted by Bee & John on December 15, 2010 at 1:22 AM

I probably would never have tried this if I hadn't been asked by one of my clients to pop over and help her hubby get over his fear of the thermomix.  (he cooked beautifully... I suspect it was more of a don't WANT to know how to use the Thermomix LOL)

Anyway... they decided to cook Kuku Paka.  As they were such a great bunch of people (another one of my clients had popped over also) that I ended up sitting down and enjoying the food right along with them.  Terrible protocol I know.. but I was told I was now part of the furniture LOL.  Best thing I had heard in years!!

SO... back to the meal.. sorry... rambling.  It introduced me to a new way of chopping garlic, herbs and chillies.... by dropping them onto a spinning blade.  I've got to say... very effective!

Easy peasy to make.

It is really lovely.  The colour of the meal is VERY green.. and that corresponds with the amazing FRESH taste that comes through this meal.  For the first time I understand what the TV cooks mean about complexity in a meal.  At first taste it is a light and "green" meal, but the flavour does have this complexity to it!!  yummy

I have made it myself again (today actually) and even though I used 3 green chillies too... mine was MUCH hotter than Marks.  However, not unbearably so - but be prepared for the heat.  

HINT: If you don't like the heat... take out the seeds from the chillies.  Use gloves or a teaspoon to scrape away the seeds so that the spicy oils won't stay on your fingers.

HINT: the sauce is quite runny - I think it is meant to be so that you sop it up with some fresh bread or naans - but if you would like it just as a meal... add a tablespoon of cornflour when adding the coconut milk

HINT: definately do not forget the salt.  It is amazing how this bland (spicy bland if there is such a thing) meal develops a whole wealth of flavour with a shake of salt into it.   Knowing this... I actually added a tsp of the chicken stock I made the other day and it added some nice depth to the meal.

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