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Corn Chips (baked not fried)

Posted by Bee & John on February 14, 2011 at 12:04 AM

Who'd a thought these could be so easy!  And delicious!

Are they yummy?  Yes.  Are they as tasty as the store bought ones.... no.  Do they have as much colour, salt, artificial flavours, MSG as the store bought ones?  NO!

These are from the "Lunchbox and After School ideas" - which has some GREAT recipes in it!

First things first... Polenta?  That's just ground corn.  Don't buy it!  grind popcorn!  I wouldn't be around when you did it unless you cover your ears... but it isn't for long and amazing to see the result after 30 seconds on 9-10.

They make HEAPS - a little time consuming.  Not in the rolling and rolling - its easy to do between two sheets of baking paper - but in the cooking as I cooked 4 trays one after they other.  You are supposed to "dry in oven as oven cools" but that is hard to do if you are doing several sheets of it.  I just let them cool on the tray, then broke them up and put them on a larger tray and then put the whole lot in to "dry" as the oven cooled.

We had some of them yesterday at our picnic with cheese on them... they were DELICIOUS!  Yum!

HINT: use a sharp knife to slice the dough.  No need to seperate as they don't expand

LESSON: do NOT cut on your thermomix mat!!  Use baking paper

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