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Beating egg whites

Posted by Bee & John on February 14, 2011 at 7:30 AM

I have been asked how the thermomix is on beating egg whites.  I would say GREAT! (of course)

Having problems?  Think on this....


  • absolutely NO egg yolk!  do each egg in a separate glass to make sure each one is absolutely clean. and THEN put into the bowl.
  • is your bowl CLEAN - remember, any remaining fat will make the egg whites fail - fat can come in any form... even a small trace of butter?  meat?  oil?
  • Same for your butterfly... Clean?  REALLY clean?  same as the previous point
  • warm the bowl slightly.  It helps bring the egg whites to room temperature if they are not already there.  (I often clean the bowl JUST before using for the egg whites... and I clean it with HOT water.... that'll do it)
  • Patience.  This is the best thing to have!  it takes a minute or two longer than you may be used to... but it WILL happen!
I find that 5 egg whites will FILL the 2 litre bowl to capacity.  

Want proof?  These are little meringues with a little cinnamon in them... put together with a coffee/chocolate ganache.  They were VERY well received.  

Uncooked version first... cooked right after :)


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