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Vanilla Syrup (for coffee or milkshakes)

Posted by Bee & John on March 15, 2011 at 7:08 PM

When I was getting a coffee lately, I ordered my favourite, a vanilla latte, and looked again at the $20 bottles of vanilla syrup for sale.  Then I thought to myself... why can't I do this cheaply at home?

So I did!

In the Thermomix put...

  • 230g water
  • 10g vanilla extract (I made it myself, thanks Thermomix Forum)
  • 55g vanilla sugar (VERY easy to make it yourself!  The basics section of the cookbook you got with the thermomix)
Cook this on 100oC for 5 mintues on speed 3

That's it!  I found that (because I made the vanilla flavourings myself I am guessing) there was some cooked bits of vanilla pod that I needed to strain out.  If you do that too, don't use a fine strainer, you need the vanilla seeds to stay in the syrup :)

How to use it?  Put a small squirt into your coffee (It's sweet - so don't put as much sugar) or use it as a base for a vanilla milkshake 

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