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Golden Syrup Dumplings

Posted by Bee & John on March 15, 2011 at 7:30 PM

I was given a challenge lately, by a very happy Thermomix customer and friend - Di.  How do you make Golden Syrup Dumplings in the Thermomix?

My first challenge was... I've only HAD them once and have never made them before!  My ace in the hole was John - while he had never made them... he had them many times as he was growing up - so he was my taster as I tweaked the recipe.

Actually, it is easy!

In the Thermomix bowl put...


  • 130g of SR flour,
  • 1 egg,
  • 20g of butter, and
  • 20g of milk.
Mix on speed 4 for 10-15 seconds.  It should have formed a nice, slightly sticky dough.  (If very sticky, put a little more flour in and mix again on speed 3 for 10 seconds)

Take out the dough and put onto a board.  There should be some dough left in the bowl, stuck around the blades etc.  If your dough came out smoothly, leaving nothing - put a teaspoon's worth of the dough back in the bowl (to thicken the syrup)

Roll the remaining dough out into a rough sausage shape and cut into 4.  Then roll each of those out and cut into 3 pieces.  Roll each of these smaller pieces into a ball and put on the top tray on the Varoma, put aside.

In the Thermomix bowl add
  • 500g of water, 
  • 120g of sugar, 
  • 30g golden syrup and 
  • 10g of butter.

Put the lid on the Thermomix and the varoma in place. Cook for 20 minutes on Varoma temperature

(put some hot water in thermoserver to warm it up - remember to tip it out before putting dumplings in LOL)

Place the dumplings into the warmed thermoserver and pour the syrup over the top.  Let it sit at least 5 minutes.  Longer if you like them soggy :-)

Photo help
cut dough into 4 then each one of those into 3

Roll into balls and put into Varoma - leave room - they swell!

After steaming...

Golden Syrup Dumplings!


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