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Vietnamese Chicken Soup

Posted by Bee & John on April 11, 2011 at 7:49 AM

This is a fabulous and easy recipe from Nico Moreti's Cooking Passions cookbook (that has alot of Thermomix methods in it!)

Anyway - dead easy - takes a little while to make the broth/stock so allow that time.  The book says 4 litres.... but I only did 2 litres in the Thermomix... that was plenty!  I then just halved the other ingredients.

HINT: cook the chicken and the carrot chunks in the rice basket in the thermomix while you are making the broth

HINT: While you are making the actual soup... steam something on top in the varoma!  (I did chicken and bacon parcels) - it doesn't matter if you cook the soup for 25 minutes instead of 15 - just make sure that there is a little extra liquid in the bowl to accommodate the extra steaming time.

LESSON: use the thermoserver for the rice noodles.  Put them into the server dry and pour boiling water on them.  Leave them (with lid on) for 5 minutes, drain them and then add to the soup, in the rice basket, for the last 3-5 minutes of the cooking time.  I actually boiled them in a saucepan because I didn't know how much starch would come out.  Too much to add dry to the soup to cook, but my suggested technique should work!

LESSON: don't add the cooked chicken to the soup until the last few mintues (with the rice noodles would be perfect!) or the chicken will be shredded! Even on reverse (remember it would have been cooked for a couple of hours at this point, being in the stock first)

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