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Lamb Korma

Posted by Bee & John on April 12, 2011 at 9:25 PM

This recipe is in the Meat Lover's Cookbook in Australia.

I delivered a thermomix to a lady who went straight to Lamb Korma.  I always help the new owner/s with cooking a meal, but they usually choose something a little more basic.  Nope - Guilia just took to the Thermomix like a pro and was cooking Lamb Korma from the first!  It smelt absolutely delicious so had to go home and try it too LOL.

This is a really, delicious, hearty meal!  It's like a tasty Indian stew, and only as spicy as you want it so leave the chilli out all together if you want to.  Quite sweet with the carrots.

I was surprised when I first made this (had to do it again the next week!!) as this meal actually took some time to cook.  I (foolishly) hadn't read the second "40 minutes on 90oC bit so we ended up waiting for our dinner a little.

LESSON: because John was waiting patiently, I was waiting IMpatiently, and it was smelling so delicious, I ended up changing the second 40 minutes on 90oC into 20 minutes on 100oC.  Now that I have done it again and the second time I did it to the specified time... the only difference I found was - when I did the second step for 1/2 the time and higher, the potatoes and carrots were a little mushier and the mixture a little less runny.  I would say that unless you wanted firm vegetables, feel free to speed the second step up.

LESSON: ALWAYS read the recipe through before starting it!

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