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Apple Chutney

Posted by Bee & John on April 19, 2011 at 1:30 AM

John and I spend a delicious sunday afternoon at the Alexandrina Cheese Company's music day a few weeks ago... munching away on some delicious cheese and falling in love with their Apple Chutney. (photo below)

I'm wasn't really a chutney fan - it's "OK" but nothing to scream about... but THIS  one was delicious!  Sweetish, savour, apple-y and perfect with the cheese.  They sold it there and I would encourage all you NON Thermomix owners to rush down there and stock up.

All of you clever enough to own a Thermomix can make it easily and cheaply!

The day after our cheese munching afternoon, I did a search for an apple chutney recipe on the internet.  There wasn't much about actually.. the but a very close recipe I found was this "credit crunch" chutney recipe from the UK Thermomix website, which I tweaked a little bit to make it a little like the one I had with the cheese.

I first made only about 1/4 of the recipe to "check it out".  As it takes a few weeks to mature, I waited (impatiently!).  Finally it came of age JUST as delicious.  This recipe, despite the amount of ingredients, is easy and well worth the effort.

So, We on Sunday we popped over to our favourite organic fruit and vege place near Gumeracha (Protero Wine tasting too - 3 or 4 Ks out of Gumeracha on the Mt. Pleasant rd) and of course Rosemary and Frank didn't dissapoint with their lovely, well priced organic fruit, vegies and their organic, home grown apples, now just coming off their trees - WONDERFULLY crunchy and sweet.

So, today I made two batches of the apple chutney.  What did I change?

  • I didn't put any of the garam masala or chilli powder in.  Instead I put in 2 tsp of ground cinnamon.
  • I didn't use Malt vinegar, I used apple cider vinegar.
  • I used sweet royal gala apples instead of granny smiths 
  • While not a substitution, for interest sakes - I used dates, apricots and sultanas for the dried fruit portion of the recip.
That's it.  Do I think you should make these changes??  That's up to you!  As long as you stick to the basic details and amounts, you can tweek any recipe to YOUR tastes!

LESSON: in step 6, increase speed to 2 - it tells you to use 1 but it is too slow and doesn't bring the top of the mixture down to the bottom of the bowl where the heating plate is.

LESSON: I didn't find the paper towelling stuffed in the hole very effective (step 7), put the colander/rice basket on top of the Thermomix instead of the MC and you will get reduction without the paper bits OR the splashing

LESSON: Australian apples are so fresh and tasty at the moment, at the very start of their season, you will probably need to use the Varoma option in step 8 (I did and the 10 minutes suggested was fine!)

LESSON: definitely take note of step 10! (to mix the mixture before decanting)  I poured all of the mixture into the saucepan I had used to sterilise my jars (therefore sterilised itself) and then used a sterilised spoon to first stir, then decant.

LESSON: do not add extra ingredients... this mixture fills the bowl!  

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Reply Bee keough
7:18 AM on November 27, 2016 
Veronica, I'm so sorry. When I wrote this blog in 2011 the recipe vas clearly and freely available through the Vorwerk link I added to the post. I had no idea, at the time, they would remove it. I don't have a copy.
Cheers. Bee
Veronica Howman says...
Any chance you could share this recipe for Apple Chutney. Would be very grateful.
Reply Veronica Howman
5:03 AM on November 27, 2016 
Any chance you could share this recipe for Apple Chutney. Would be very grateful.
Reply Kate O'Brien
3:45 AM on April 23, 2014 
i would like this Apple Chutney recipe please
Reply Heidi
9:11 PM on February 16, 2014 
Hi, did you keep a copy of this recipe by any chance as it is no longer on their website.
Reply Helen
12:34 PM on September 23, 2013 
Hi, thanks for the tips on the chutney. I didn't have brown sugar, so I used half white and half black treacle (molasses). I also added half a very hot home grown chilli (chopped w the garlic). Delicious! Thanks again, Helen
Reply Bee & John
3:54 AM on October 23, 2012 
Hi Anna, thanks for your comment - yes - vacuum seal the jar and then keep in the cupboard/pantry - of course once OPENED, the jar should be kept in the fridge and ours last (if we don't eat them first) about a month or two after opening. Read my post on how long things last to get some hints on how to vacuum seal your jars :-) http://tickofyum.webs.com/apps/blog/show/14812125-how-long-do-thi
Reply Anna Beale
1:30 AM on October 23, 2012 
Hi, cant wait to try this, looks delish! This might be a silly question but I'm guessing you store the chutney in the cupboard rather than the fridge while waiting for it to 'mature'? Cheers, Anna
Reply ThermoMINX
7:20 PM on May 2, 2011 
Love it! Especially the part about not adding extra ingredients - my biggest failing.