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Chicken Satay

Posted by Bee & John on April 30, 2011 at 2:45 AM

This is a very different beast to the satay sauce.  First thing you will notice is that there are no peanuts in the sauce!  I hesitated with that point, but then thought I had best try myself a "proper" chicken satay.

Well I have to say (and I LOVE satay) that this is one of the best satay chicken's I have ever had.  It was delicious!

Easy peasy to make.  The "seasoning" part of the recipe was a bit confusing but realised that that mixture is something that is added to the marinade if required.  I did make the seasing up as required but then just chucked the whole lot in anyway.

Also, I didn't have any galangal - so just put in extra ginger.  I haven't had it WITH the galangal so can't say with absolute certainty that it owuldn't have made any difference, but it sure tasted amazing to me!

As the satay was just for John and I, I didn't bother putting it on sticks, just cooked it up in the frypan.  In hindsight I could have used the Thermomix - that's for next time.

The mix is quite spicy - I used 2 small chillies with the seeds and pith scraped out instead of the chilli powder, and it was lovely and spicy, but not too hot (for me - make it up to YOUR taste).

Delicious! As the book is entitled, authentic, quick and easy - give it a go.

I then used the satay sauce as a Dipping Sauce to accompany it.  Because I didn't put any spice in THAT, it was a  lovely foil for the spicy meat.

HINT: the recipe calls for 600g of meat.  We had 700g and could have put another 100-200g of meat in the marinating dish as there was enough sauce to easily cover the meat to marinate it.

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