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Fancy some Pate?

Posted by Bee & John on April 30, 2011 at 3:20 AM

I just LOVE pate - pepper pate is my FAV!  I haven't found a really nice pate for ages and have stopped buying it - not the least because a good pate costs a fortune!!

However... it certainly doesn't cost much to make!  It cost me as much to make 750g as it was to buy 100g of it!  and darn easy!

First I had to make a decision.  WHICH Pate?  I had Gretchen's recipe which sounded amazing and I had the forum's chicken pate  recipe which sounded lovely too.

I only had 500g of livers so I decided to split them and made a half batch of both recipes.  They were BOTH amazing and both well worth making!  Time to make?  20 minutes and I had them both made and cooling on the bench!

Gretchen's Pate - was very easy to put together and required less ingredients and fiddling around.  It ended up firmer and tasted more real pate like (ie: you could taste the slight cooked liver flavour through it).


  • First of all I need to point out that I didn't have any pistatchios.... I used 10g (remember I was doing half batch, increase to 20g if doing a full one) of cracked pepper.
  • The livers just didn't cook in the right time... I suspect that I shouldn't have just chucked them in, but chopped them up a bit first - I suggest you do that before cooking them.  It wasn't a huge problem, I just whizzed them for a few seconds and then cooked again for a few minutes and it was perfect!
  • I was a bit confused with the Boquet garni bit as I had never done one before.  I did one wrapped in a little cheesecloth but it kept getting stuck on the blades - maybe if I did a full batch that wouldn't have been a problem.  I think that if I was doing a half batch again I will pop an unwrapped collection of herbs into the rice basket and let the steam bring the flavours down to the pate.
  • This would be amazing with the pistachios in it!
  • This recipe would be the one to use if you wanted to form the pate into shapes - or be SUPER creative and try doing Heston Blumethals meat fruit recipe!
  • This would definately be the cheapest of the two to try.
  • 1/2 a batch fills a ramekin right to the top - but remember I didn't have the pistacios.. if I had it would have made more.
Chicken Pate - this was smoother and lighter in texture and easy to "dip" into.  Quite flavoursome and would be perfect for someone who wouldn't normally eat pate as it doesn't have that slight "cooked liver" texture.
  • This was super easy to make, saute the onions then chuck it all in, mince and cook.
  • I should have changed the 2 steps needed to make this.  I suggest you are going to get an even better flavour if you saute the onions, garlic WITH the bacon and the mushrooms.  Chop the bacon and slice the mushrooms first - they are going to taste so much better once sauteed!  You might need to increase the saute time and make sure you go in reverse.
  • This took quite a few ingredients to make and I was happy I had them with me or it would have been quite expensive to make.  Luckily I am not much of a drinker or these bottles (sherry, port, brandy) would have been empty MANY years ago
  • lovely, spreading texture - could be use to "dip" your bikkies in if you add just a touch more port and/or cream
  • The other ingredients added to my 250g of livers (remember I made a half batch) made almost twice as much pate as gretchen's recipe, so although it was more expensive to make, it certainly goes a long way.

RESULT: Pate is darn easy and cheap to make!  I'll never buy it again!

John: At a very very VERY tight pinch John might choose the denser GP recipe, but he really struggled to make the decision as he loved them both.
Me: I most definitely preferred the firmer REAL pate texture and taste of Gretchen's recipe, although.... I suspect that they will BOTH be on our menu from now on in!

HINT: I let the pate cool too much and it formed a bit of a crust. I suggest you cover it as soon as it is cook enough to do so.  I know that in the shops they are covered by a gelatine layer (adds to the weight and gives you less pate for your money I think) but it obviously serves a purpose.

Chicken liver pate on the left - Gretchen's on the right. 



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