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Groovy Scones

Posted by Bee & John on June 13, 2011 at 4:55 AM

Well.... as mentioned, I wasn't much of a cook before the wonders of Thermomix.  But one thing I could make was scones!  Someone a long time ago (so long I forgot WHO!) gave me a recipe for Groovy Scones and they are absolutely delish!

Now, the Thermomix cookbook has a wonderful recipe for buttermilk scones and they are delicious!  But... dare I say... mine are better.  (I have scrubbed "humble" out of my repertoire for the day).  Will you think so?  Dunno... depends on whether your like your scones light as a feather or solid.  If you like them light... read on.

FIRST: pre-heat your oven.  220oC.  Your oven should be HOT

SECOND: whip up your cream. I really like adding a teaspoon of vanilla sugar to it!

THIRD: do NOT clean your bowl.... Add


  • 120g of cream  [see note below if you are from Europe, Canada or USA]
  • 120g of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar  (vanilla sugar makes it VERY special but ordinary sugar is fine)
Mix on speed 3 for 30 seconds

THEN: add 350g of self raising flour.

Mix on Interval speed for 30-40 seconds.  

You will notice that you do not have a dough as such, but a sticky goo.  PERFECT.

Lay out some no-stick baking paper and liberally sprinkle it with flour.  Scrape out the "dough" until you have it all in a pile on the paper.  DO NOT mix or try to make less sticky.  Just put some more flour over the dough and press it down with your hands until it is about 2cm-2.5cm high.  flour your scone cutter and cut a scone, re-flour your scone cutter before EVERY cutting.    Just move the scones to the side of the paper.

When you have cut out all, the little bits of "dough" is still very sticky and is easily squished back into a lump.  Flatten again and cut.  Keep doing this until the dough is all used up.

Put the scones together, touching slightly, on the paper and then slide the paper onto a baking tray.  They excess flour won't hurt it at all.

Cook for 15-17 min in your hot oven, towards the top of the oven if you can, until they are starting to turn brown.  They do NOT need to be all brown.  

Seperate them and then put them into a bowl that has been lined with a tea-towel.  When they are all in there, fold the end of the tea-towel over the scones and serve warm with jam and cream.  MMMmmmmm!  These are delicious.  Light like a sponge cake.

I have been making these for years.  They are easily made by hand to be honest, but the Thermomix puts an extra bit of lightness into them that I just can't get by hand!

HINT: I have also made these with cheese and chives.  Miss out on the sugar and just add grated cheese and some chives (or even bacon pieces), either to the dough or to the top of the scones before baking.

These scones below were the sweet variety and they were perfectly cooked.  Any browner and they start to go heavier.

NOTE: a note to my international friends.... My Dutch relatives were trying to make these scones after ever visit to Australia and I kept saying.... what's so hard... milk, cream, flour.  BUT - cream in Holland is NOT like cream here in Australia!  They had coffee milk which was VERY creamy and I think it would be similar to half and half in USA and Canada??  Anyway.... you get the same results by using 240g of THAT as the liquid, instead of doing the milk and cream thing.


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