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Cashew Chicken (Easy Indian cookbook)

Posted by Bee & John on June 15, 2011 at 3:44 AM

I saw this recipe and JUST had to try it!

It is actually very easy to do - I would definately make 1 change (see hints below) but it is minor and if forgotten, not a hassle :)

It is surprising how flavoursome and filling such a mild dish is!!

Basically - it is chicken with a few spices, but is not spicy, in a creamy cashew milk.

HINT: do NOT put in coriander seeds!  they don't break down and you are spitting out little balls of coriander all through the meal, use ground!

SAME with the cinnamon

HINT: do not wash bowl between cashew chicken and cooking the rice.  Why!??  there is only a little bit of sauce left in and it'll flavour the rice beautifully!!

NOTE: this meal easily shows how easy it is to cook for 8 with the Thermomix!!!  Up to 1 kilo of chicken pieces in the creamy sauce... after initial cooking put in casserole dish in oven while you cook rice and veggies.  John, who ALWAYS gets asked how much meat to use for dishes (he's a butcher remember) says that you would normally put 100-150g of meat per person into a wet dish.  That means you could feed 8 EASILY!!

The picture shows the cashew chicken dish with the onion/cummin naans  (YUMM!)

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