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Posted by Bee & John on June 15, 2011 at 5:43 PM

I've been wanting to try these, and making the Cashew Chicken the other day gave me the perfect opportunity!

I tried the Onion and Cumin seed naan and while I really enjoyed it, I must say that the dried onion (maybe my lot was stale when I bought it) was pretty tastless - Next time, I'm going to try just adding finely chopped chives or even spring onion.  As it was, I had cut down the Cumin by half and that was enough really.

ohh....... what about garlic and rosemary and/or oregano ones!!

But... the bread itself?  DELISH!  Quite easy too and not much yeast for all those who are trying to stay away from yeast a bit.

The recipe made 6 large naans, and there were a few left over.  The next day I used them as a base for a quiche!  I just lined my quiche dish with baking paper, buttered the naans and laid them face down on the baking paper (having had cut them to fit better).  This works very well with bread so I was wondering about the naans but it was a REAL hit!!

HINT: follow the instructions well...  have a VERY  hot oven and a hot tray.  MAKE SURE you check after only 4-5 minutes - they may not be ready but best to check rather than have overcooked, dry naans

HINT: make them before visitors arrive (or make and freeze some) and use as dipping bread for dips and/or flavoured oils!  They are SO expensive in the shops and you can make them SO easily at home for a mere fraction of the price!

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