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Razzella Chocolate Spread

Posted by Bee & John on July 5, 2011 at 11:55 PM

I was set a challenge by my Sister-in-law.  Nutella equivalent with no nuts!

I had thought of a couple of different seeds to grind instead of the hazelnuts (chick peas for instance) but I kept coming up against the flavour aspect.  It should taste of something other than chocolate OR taste too healthy!

John saw something about chocolate and raspberries and WHAMO - Razzella 

Just follow the recipe in the Everyday Cookbook for Chocolate Hazelnut spread, BUT...


  • DON'T put in hazelnuts, put in 80g of Raspberries instead (frozen ok!)
  • increase to speed 4 (raspberries are wet and that liquid and chocolate need to mix
  • If you have used frozen raspberries (lets face it, the cheapest way of getting them) increase the time by a minute to account for the cold raspberries

It's quite a soft spread, and lets face it, not terribly nutritious.... BUT delicious!  And because it is so soft, it is not only fantastic on toast and bread (and scones!!) it is great as a really flash icing for cakes!

LESSON: because raspberries are fruit, they won't keep as long as the nut version will.  SO - make it and put in small containers and pop in the freezer - take out when needed (or eat it all in a week!)


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