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Choc Chip Bikkies

Posted by Bee & John on July 6, 2011 at 1:13 AM

This was almost a bad post - these are SO so so nice!  and super easy - we pigged out on them the first time I made them, we calmed down after that LOL

This was easy to make, except I found that the choc chips and nuts were a little hard to get mixed in.  You can either use your spatula to help, or just put the mixture into a bowl and add the choc chips and nuts in yourself with a few quick stirs.

You really should take the mixture out of the bowl to spoon out anyway - using spoons in the Thermomix bowl isn't such a good idea.



  1. these are a soft biscuit.  Don't try to slide them off the tray after they have been baked (picture of resulting crumbs below) - if you need the tray to do another batch, use baking paper and take the baking paper off the tray with the bikkies on them.
  2. When dunking them into coffee or tea - BE QUICK!!! 
  3. they do spread a bit, so leave room
  4. The full batch makes about 60 bikkies - make only half if you don't want that many (but youuuuuuuu'llll be sooooooorrrry!)

HINT: I have tried these now using a variety of nuts - cashews or walnuts were really my favourite - but are softer than the almonds, don't chop for as long

HINT: exchange the vanilla essence for 2 tablespoons of instant coffee and use walnuts instead of almonds for a really yummy alternative

The crumbs are from bikkies I took off the tray too soon after baking


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