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Chicken Tikka

Posted by Bee & John on July 13, 2011 at 12:15 AM

I was at a client's place last week and while she was cutting my hair (multi-disciplined client - a great hairdresser when she isn't experimenting with her Thermy) she was telling me about when she made the Tikka sauce out of the Indian Cookbook.

She said it was dead easy and tasted fantastic - the only thing with it was that it made HEAPS - and she had already cut it down by half.

Of course the Tikka is a marinade, NOT the main meal, so it is designed to be kept for weeks in the fridge being used during that time for different meals.  The recipe explains that you keep the marinade submerged under olive oil and it keeps and keeps.

I was super lucky, Skye gave me some to try and I couldn't wait to do just that.  We had some chicken fillets and John (the wonderful man that he is) but them all up for me and we marinated the chicken in the sauce - it ended up being marinated for 2 days because of one thing or another keeping us away from our own house for evening meals.

I decided to quickly cook the chicken in a frypan while I steamed some rice and veggies in the Thermomix -  When it was cooked in the frypan, I popped it into the Thermoserver and stirred in 250g of yogurt - by then the rice and veggies were cooked and we were eating!!.  A super quick meal!!  In 15 mintues I had the whole thing dished up and it was AMAZING!!  Quite spicy - have some beer ready or cut down the chilli if you like it a little clamer.

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