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Tikka Paste (indian Cooking made easy cookbook)

Posted by Bee & John on July 21, 2011 at 9:00 PM

We so enjoyed the Chicken Tikka that we had last week from Skye, that I thought I would make the Tikka paste.  I knew that it would make a HEAP of paste, but John suggested that I make the full recipe as he thought he might make Chicken Tikka Sausages out of the paste and some chicken.  (Chicken Tikka Sausages at Walkerville meats next week people!)

So - first off - it uses a LOT of garlic and a lot of ginger.  I used 1 1/2 garlics a a good, large piece of ginger.  In fact it uses a lot of most of the ingredients so my advice is to make sure you have the right amounts of everything before you start.  One thing I didn't have, was fresh coriander.  It is the middle of winter and it just isn't around!  It seemed to taste fine without it.

Making the paste however, was simple.  Couldn't BE any easier.  dry roast the spices - grind, add, mince, cook, store.

At first I was a little alarmed at the cost at the mounting cost of ingredients for the paste.  It worked out at about $14-15 for the paste which seemed a lot!  But then as I made it, I realised that we are talking a CONCENTRATED paste - in fact a litre of it!  Out of the litre, you would only need 100g or so for a meal  That means that there would be about 10 meals worth of paste made in one full batch.  

The paste would then work out at $1.50 per meal - when you think of those 150-200g jars of specialty pastes in the supermarket are about $5 each - really... this is super cheap (AND additive free, with minimal salt and REAL ingredients)

The Tikka recipe gives good instructions for the many different uses and explains how to keep it fresh in your fridge for up to 6 weeks.  I can't see any problem with freezing it in portions too.

HINT: I used only half of the stated dried chilli.  That gave a good light heat but no volcano burn

HINT: I had a little left in the bowl after scraping it into my sterilised jar, so I used a slice of bread to wipe the residue... YUMMO - the recipe does say that you can use it for a sandwich spread - and it was delicious!  I wonder what it would be like spread on pizza dough or bread dough and then baked!!!????

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