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Specialty Butters - like.... VEGEMITE Butter!

Posted by Bee & John on July 22, 2011 at 6:45 PM

I was making some butter the other day and I was thinking of the different types of butter you can make.  Then it occurred to me... why not save time in the mornings - and blend your Vegemite directly with the butter!

When I make butter, after the final wash, I normally put a little olive oil in and a little salt - then blend for 20-30 secods on speed 6.  That works great to make it a little easier to spread from the fridge - and quite a smooth spread overall.

Instead of (or in addition to) the olive oil, add a little Vegemite and blend for 20 seconds on speed 6.

Other sorts of butters? (er... the butter portion of the recipe is implied)


  • Well... Garlic Butter would be the first thing people would think of
  • Garlic and oregano - especially nice to brush over bread when it comes from the oven
  • Anchovy butter - use anchovies and a little lemon juice
  • Olive Butter - without pips :-)
  • Herb Butter - fresh or dried.  Fresh would give a stronger taste.
  • Cheese Butter - use pamesan cheese, or blue cheese with a little paprika or cracked pepper, or ......
  • Sun-dried tomato butter - no need to add the oil as the tomatoes are oily enough
  • Honey Butter - honey obviously :-)
  • Cinnamon and sugar butter (great for pancakes)
  • Orange butter - grind the zest first with some sugar, before making the butter, then add in final step
  • Lemon Tarragon butter - use the zest of the lemon and then the Tarragon
  • Indian butter - mix some of the Tikka paste, or other spicy paste, with the butter
  • Pizza Butter - oregano, parmesan cheese, sun-dired tomatoes
  • Steak butter - Worcestershire sauce, cracked pepper, BBQ sauce, garlic powder, salt
  • Moroccan butter - dried onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, whole cardamom seeds, cinnamon, whole cloves, ground nutmeg, dried basil - blend on speed 10 for until a fine powder 20-40 seconds  (grind in a dry bowl)
  • Mexican butter - lime zest, oregano, cayenne pepper
  • Walnut or Pecan butter - brown sugar and the nuts of your choice
  • Hungarian butter - French mustard, sweet paprika, hot paprika (optional, but nice), salt, lemon
That'll probably do for now - but you get the idea - if you can think of a spice and/or herb combination - blend it with butter.  You can use it on toast, pizzas, pancakes, crumpets, waffles, steaks, roasts......


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