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Nigella's wicked brownies thanks to Suzanne Mosca

Posted by Bee & John on August 24, 2011 at 7:40 PM

There is a consultant in Melbourne, Suzanne, who has converted Nigella Lawson's really delicious, wicked, EASY brownies for the Thermomix - I tried it the other day!  OMG!!!  It made SO much, easy to cut recipe in half.... but why would you!!!!

The only thing I would change from Suzanne's recipe - is that I mixed the mixture WITHOUT the nuts for 20 seconds first, THEN put the nuts (I used walnuts and dried cranberries) in and mixed again, but on FORWARD, not reverse because I hadn't chopped the nuts.  I didn't worry about chopping walnuts as they are pretty soft anyway and it didn't affect the final produce.

When Suzanne say's "cracked on top", she doesn't mean like paving cement - cracked all over, one of mine was starting to crack on the edges, the other a little more so - they were both fine.

HINT: when dividing between the 2 slice trays - use the scales on the thermomix to make sure you have an equal amount of mixture in each of the two trays.

LESSON: milling chocolate takes only 5-8 seconds.  Do NOT go over this! (did you know that after 30 seconds, the chocolate forms an immovable ball [due to the friction heat] and can break the pin spinning your blades? - an expensive lesson to learn!)

Nigella Lawson’s awesome brownies converted to Thermomix by Suzanne Mosca

• 375g soft unsalted butter

• 375g best quality dark chocolate

• 6 large eggs room temperature

• 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

• 500g raw sugar

• 225g plain flour

• 1tsp salt

• 300g chopped walnuts (or other nuts or fruits to suit taste- dried blueberries are amazing, pistachios not so good)

Oven set 180 degrees line 2 x 20x 30 Tins with baking paper and oil well. (B: Just the paper was enough for my tins, but it was on the sides too)

Mill sugar 10 seconds speed 9 (set aside)

Mill chocolate 5 seconds on speed 7

Add sugar and all ingredients Mix 20 seconds speed 6 reverse

Pour into pans. Cook in oven for 25 – 31 minutes, check that top looks crackled and mix does not run or move before taking out, every 2 minutes count so don’t leave too long.

Will set more inside when cooling but don’t remove from oven if still runny.

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