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Grating Chocolate

Posted by Bee & John on September 1, 2011 at 8:10 PM

I have been making quite a few recipes with grated chocolate lately - and most of the recipes called for chocolate to be grated and then put aside.  Most of the time I had already cooked something so my thermomix bowl was wet  so had to be super dried!

FINALLY - it went through my thick skull - why do it bit at a time?  I buy my chocolate disks in 1kg bags cheaply from a shop in Gawler (cheap in comparison to buying blocks of chocolate and much easier to use than having to break up blocks of chocolate)

Now, in under 30 seconds I grate the chocolate in 4 x 250g batches - put it in a container and then it is ready to use for baking and wicked hot chocolates.  It is fantastic in coffee - just 1/2 a teaspoon added to a brewed coffee is yumm!

LESSON: stick to the weights recommended by Thermomix for grating AND STICK TO THE TIME RECOMMENDED.  This is particularly true for Chocolate.  An expensive lesson learnt when I was distracted recently while grating a batch of chocolate - after 30 seconds the chocolate formed an impenetrable ball of over cooked chocolate (because of the friction heat) and because the blades couldn't move, it broke the pin spinning the blades!  Unhappy Jan!!  Chocolate should take 5-6 seconds.  Set the timer!

I have heard some other horror stories too.... The Thermomix won't grate metal spoons dropped in while the blades were working.  They also won't blend crab claws or avocado pips - Just use a common sense approach and you'll be fine :)

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