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Steaming with the Thermomix

Posted by Bee & John on September 2, 2011 at 6:35 PM

I have mentiond my sister's party she catered for a couple of times, but I want to raise a very good point that she raised....

For nibbles, she steamed some mini dim sims that she bought.  EVERYone loved them - I saw many people asking her where she got them from!  When I added my request, she said to me quietly - they are just cheap ones, but what the other people don't know, is that the Thermomix steams them properly and makes them taste better!

She went on to explain how she doesn't normally like cooked carrots - even steamed ones - because they taste different than raw ones.  However, with the Varoma, the steamed carrots taste JUST like raw carrots..... but soft.

Y'know - that's right!  I hadn't thought about it before.  I hadn't noticed a real difference because I rarely steamed before having my Thermomix.  Now, thinking about the times I DID steam my food - the steaming was so "steamy" that it was virtually "washing" the food in overheated water.  However, with the varoma, it steams the food - be it vegies or meat - with a gentle steam that cooks it without washing any of the "flavours" or nutrients away.

It stands to reason that the thermomix is designed to cook food at JUST the right temperature to retain all the nutrients and flavours - of course Vorwerk did the same thing when they were designing the steaming portion of the Thermomix!

Go forth and steam!

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