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A Saucy little tale - Tomato Sauce review

Posted by Bee & John on October 12, 2011 at 2:20 AM

Well..... it's heading toward summer here in Australia and there is nothing more prevelant in Australia in summer, than Barbeques!  And.... what do you need with your snags?  Tomato Sauce!!

There are lots of recipes around and as we visited our favourite winery/organic fruit and veggie place near Gumeracha reciently and they had some FANTASTICLY sweet, little, vine ripened tomatoes at a very reasonable price.....I thought I would do a couple batches of tomato sauce and give a review of them - here goes.

1- TOMATO KETCHUP - Everyday cooking cook book

PROS- This is a fabulous recipe.  Easy and delicious with a bit of a kick with the added chillie (totally optional of course)

CONS- you need plums to make this recipe - and that limits your tomato making to after summer.  That's great really - make a heap then... but if you need sauce NOW....

2 KETCHUP - Vorwerk iphone/pad App 

PROS - This is a fabulous recipe. Easy and doesn't need any plumbs.  Very tasty

CONS - The sauce, when following the recipe is THICK, very thick and is more of a paste than the runny stuff we are used to pouring out of bottles.

LESSON - there is a lot of the sauce in the thermomix and the Varoma temperature recommended is great for reducing the liquid, but mine still boiled over even after putting the simmer basket ontop instead of the MC.  If you want a runnier sauce, I suggest you either

a) reduce the 40 minutes on Varoma to 20; or

b) (recommended) reduce the temperature to 100oC for the 40 minutes



3 TOMATO SAUCE - Quirky cooking

PROS- this is a DELICIOUS sauce, full of complex flavours - easy to make and has many uses beyond the basic tomato sauce.  We used it as a main ingredient as a baste for some slow cooked ribs last night with a little honey and water.  THE best ribs I've had in ages!

CONS- there are a lot of ingredients and if you don't have them to hand anyway you may find this expensive to buy the bits for.  It also has HEAPS of garlic (deliciously so - the sauce is not garlicy at all.


  1. peel the garlic first, in the thermomix of course (reverse, speed 4).  
  2. I made two batches and the second one had raw sugar instead of rapudura and it was still great!
  3. I buy my tomato paste in large tins and then put them in 150-200g lots in the freezer so they are always available when needed - that was handy for this recipe
  4. The very first stage of the recipe calls for the onions and garlic to be sauteed on varoma temp for 3 minutes.  I found that I needed to increase this to 5 minutes as the varoma temperature wasn't reached in the 3 minutes. 

PROS- This was EASY.  Very easy and wias cheap to make.  Nothing special needed, nothing fancy - DELICIOUS!  It is quite tart with so much vinegar but would be just the thing for those BBQ'd snags

CONS-  None really - apart from being a little tart with the vinegar, but we really loved that and out of a blind test, John chose this over all the others BECAUSE of that very tartness.

LESSON: I didn't cut my tomatoes as they were only small, that meant that the bowl was QUITE full (as you can see from the photo).  Be careful if that happens, you don't want to block those blades from spinning.  If your bowl is full like this, take out a few things, mince the rest and then add the bits you took out.

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