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Sticky Date Puds with CHOCOLATE Caramel Sauce

Posted by Bee & John on October 26, 2011 at 2:25 AM

I had an unusual happening the other day... I had a demo at MY place for a cookware company (that had great silicon moulds and spatulas) and Courtney did a cooking demonstration cooking Sticky Date Puds using ...... welllllllllll..... it was supposed to be using her utensils etc but we used the Thermomix instead :-)

Yum!  Sticky Date Puddings in single muffin sizes.  I have always wondered if the Everyday Cookbook Sticky Date Pudding recipe would turn out OK in muffin sizes rather than a single cake size... and let me tell you YUM!!!!

Another thing the Chef's Toolbox Consultant demonstrated was how to make a chocolate "house" in one of their moulds - of course we used the Thermomix to melt the chocolate.

Now (finally getting to the point of this post) there was still some chocolate in the thermomix when it came time to make the caramel sauce for the sticky date puds.  I had a choice of chucking the sauce ingredients in with the chocolate or cleaningthe bowl first and THEN doing the sauce.  Chuck it all together was my (obvious) choice.

Oh My God!  The flavour of that caramel sauce with that bit of chocolate in it was absolutely DIVINE!!!  there was plenty of sauce left afterwards and we used it on pancakes AND on hot toasted Brioche!  How much chocolate?  Don't know, it was just what was left.  I am guessing it would be about 40-60 gms? 

LESSON: the date mixture in the EDC makes about 15-18 muffin sized puds and they took 20-25 mintues to cook.

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