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Orange Scented Shortbread Bites

Posted by Bee & John on October 26, 2011 at 2:50 AM

This recipe is from Tenina's wonderful website and can be found here.

These are dead easy - fabulous to eat too and impressed everyone who has tried them so far (which number in the dozens).  One thing to note is that it makes HEAPS - but they keep very well so that's good.

HINT: I didn't use the optional orange oil and they were still fine!  Mind you, without it the orange flavour was very subtle - I might have tried a second lot of orange zest.

HINT : I tried this with lemon too and it was also fab!  I used some of it to make a pie crust for a custard tart!

HINT: when I made the "bites" about 3-4cm wide, they were quicker to make than when I made them 1.5cm wide - but the tiny bikkies seem to impress more

LESSON: The second lot I made were very crumbly and hard to roll in a sausage.  I just popped the mixture back with a little more butter into the thermomix and mixed again for a few seconds.  Much easier then!

LESSON: the orange sugar is very moist and hard to roll the bikkies in - I ended up with lumps of it on the bikkies - that's ok, but doesn't look as nice.  Next ime I might make the sugar earlier and then dry it out a bit first.

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