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Ham and Spring Onion pancakes

Posted by Bee & John on November 2, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Pancakes!  I was wanted some!  But I wanted to use up some yummy shaved ham too.  So... combine them I thought!

I made the pancakes as per the recipe.  Then added a teaspoon of seeded mustard and some roughly chopped spring onions, then I chopped on speed 5 for 5 seconds or until the onions are small even pieces.  I then added roughly chopped pieces of the shaved ham and stired in REVERSE for a few seconds on speed 5 until combined.

HINT: the secret to pancakes is to let the mixture SIT for 15-20 minutes so the flour and milk combine and get all yummy!  I don't know the technical reason why... just know that they do!

HINT: chives instead of spring onions would be yummy too!

LESSON: don't make it too thick!  makes it all too hard to cook evenly

HINT: If I wasn't wasnt so hungry - I would have made some holindaise sauce to go with it!!

Categories: Easy Specialties, My own Recipes