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Muffins - Friands

Posted by Bee & John on November 2, 2011 at 11:20 PM

I don't know why it has taken me SO long to get around to making the muffins in the Everyday cookbook.  My sister keeps telling me how yummy it is... but it is one of those recipes I am GUNNA do!

Well.... a recent purchase of groovy friand shaped muffin tray had me scrambling for the recipe.

I didn't do the banana choc-chip version as John, for all his wonderful qualities... doesn't like banana and I didn't want to eat them all myself (because I COULD - all too easily)

I followed the recipe in the book.... sorta.  I didn't have any wholewheat to grind SO - I added 40g of ground chia seeds to 170g of white self raising flour. I also added 100g of dried, pitted dates and 100g of dried apricots and 50g of dried cranberries.

I also added an extra 30g of milk to cover the gelling of the chia seeds and the soaking up of the fruit.  this seemed about right, perhaps even another 10g wouldn't have gone astray.

I just chucked it all in (MINUS the cranberries) and mixed for 40 seconds as requested - dates and apricots roughly chopped by that.  If you want them finer, chop them first.  THEN I added the cranberries and mixed in revers on speed 4 for 10 seconds to mix.

LESSON: remember to scrape the mixture out of the Thermomix bowl into another before  spooning the mixture into patty cases or muffin cases.  It's a no no to have metal spoons near your blades!  If you are scraping otu of the Thermomix bowl, use a silicon or wooden spoon!!

LESSON: this made 12 VERY high muffin/friands (don't get all hooked up with the name... its only a difference in shape!!) - I am going to cut down the mixture by a 1/3rd to make 12 nice sized. even shaped ones next time (rather than do 12 super sized ones or another 1/2 batch later)

LESSON: leave the muffins in the pan for 5-10 mintues before taking out.  Easier to take out of silicon pans, but also makes them more moist.

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