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Dairy free Sour Cream

Posted by Bee & John on November 8, 2011 at 3:00 AM

Just as an aside... I don't know WHY I have put in a category for 4 stars....  I haven't found anything worth anything less than 5 yet!!

Anyway... I was wandering through Jo's website - www.quirkycooking.blogspot.com - and I found a couple of recipes I just had to try!

Right after my super success with my dairy free shake (various versions of which are on my favourite list - orange and mango my latest) I thought I would try the Dairy Free Sour Cream.

I tried a half version of both versions... just to check them out.  Well... first of all, let me tell you they don't taste like sour cream.  HOWEVER - they do taste amazingly good!!  Sort of a ranch dressing crossed with a dip - if you can imagine that.  

Mind you, to my untutored, heathen palate, truffle may taste "just a like a mushroom" too LOL.  Another difference is that the texture is quite thick.  Sort of thick yogurt like rather than the runnier sour cream I am used to.  Another aside must be taken to explain that my poor suffering John always mixes sour cream with lemon juice for me because I'm wasn't much of a yogurt/sour cream person.

Although I did a half amount of the nuts and seeds in both versions, by the time they had soaked, I forgot and did the whole amount of the "extras" like the juic and garlic.  I'm glad I did really, because a half version jsut doesn't have enough liquid in it to grind properly - AND - the extra lemon juice and onion in it was just YUM!!

Another reason I am glad I tried only half versions.... it make QUITE a lot!  But I suppose as it is not dairy, it will last longer in the fridge.

I made it because John had caught a good number of blueys (crabs) the day before and we were picking them and then eating them with bread as we normally do.  I normally have mayo with it, it is one VERY exotic sandwich let me tell you!!  ANYWAY.... I didn't have any mayo and I thought we would try Jo's sour creams.

The original one that she mentions, with the pinenuts was not the overall winner.  John and I both liked the Almond one a littlebetter.  It may be the texture was a bit smoother, it may have been that the almonds gave a slightly sweeter taste, it may have been the "additions" like onion flakes and the spring onion I put in because I didn't have the savoury yeast flakes or vegie salt.

LESSON: Don't be sparing with the lemon juice, it'll help it blend better AND taste better.  I don't know about the yeast flakes and the vegie salt, I didn't have them so I don't know what they would taste like, but  next time I will try (for a half version) 1 or 2  teaspoons of onion flakes, a clove of garlic, a little salt.  I blended a spring onion in the almond one this time and it was delish too.

HINT: the problem with these recipes is that I am too impatient!!  I want to make it NOW, not wait until the seeds are soaked.  My mum had a great idea which I will convert into a hint for this recipe.  Soak the seeds/nuts in the right amount of water, in small tubs or bags.  Then freeze them.  All they need is defrosting which is quicker than the 12 hours soaking.

HINT: It's great as a dressing, also, it sure was fantastic on that bread!  Would be fab with ham, cheese, tomato sandwiches (oops.. cheese... but you can't give up everything right??)!  I even put a heaped tablespoon in with my quiche mixture tonight

The sauce the left is the pine nut one, the one on the right is the cashew one.  The photo below that is my YUMMY crab sandwich with the almond version spread on like butter... SO nice!!

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