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Prawn Bisque

Posted by Bee & John on November 25, 2011 at 4:15 PM

I almost had to invent a new "tick" category for this one!!  This is a SUPER dooper fancy pants recipe.... but it is also super dooper easy.

I didn't even know what a Bisque was until the other day.  I attended the super chef Andrew Fielke Thermomix cooking class recently and he gave out this recipe and showed us how to make it easily in the Thermomix.  Who would have thought that prawn shells can be soup flavouring??  Sounded disgusting to me to be honest - but the fact that he STRAINED the shells from the soup enticed me to try and I I did, I was hooked!!

A couple of days later I was scouting around in the freezer and found a packet of half peeled prawn tails, all encrusted with ice and looking for all intents and purposes like a large prawn flavoured icy-pole!!  wonderful... I'm not proud... they were prawns, good enough for me!

The recipe can be found on the Thermomix website but PLEASE read the lessons at the end of this post before starting it.  

Is it easy?  Super dooper so!  Flash, I was SO excited when john came home and I gave him not only Prawn Bisque (I have to keep using the capitals because it is a VERY flash dish indeed!) but also creamy garlic prawns (next post).

First of all.... I didn't have the whole prawn shells!  My prawns only had the itty bitty tail bits - but they all got whipped off the prawns and I used just them.  YES, it worked beautifully, I am sure a Chef might have been able to tell the difference and talk about "depth of flavour" but it tasted like ambrosia to me!

This first thing that surpised me was that it didn't acutally take a lot of fancy ingredients or techniques - mind you I didn't complete the recipe and do the poncy coconut foam to go on the top as per the recipe, lets not get carried away!  I'll happily leave all that la-de-da stuff to John and other people who like to play with their food... er... play with their recipes.  I am sure that the hot soup would have been extra special sipped through cold layers of frothy coconut - but it was just lovely without it!

Give it a go!!  Easy to do - I quickly did it... left it in a thermoserver to stay warm while I did the prawn main (next post) - did the main, steamed the rice - ate it and THEN whisked off to a demo.  I'm usually rushing around trying to make sure I don't forget anything before a demo... to be able to have made all of that while I was rushing around trying not to forget anything is a testiment all by itself!

What does it taste like?  Well, a bit prawn-y which would be no surprise, but a little tomatoe, a little spicy with the chilli, it looked a little oily with a light layer of oil from the sesame oil, but not greasy.

HINT: don't want it too hot?  Take out the seeds and piths from the chilli - (lesson learnt - don't use your fingernails, it's amazing what damage a little chilli can do to your day, use a teaspoon)

LESSON: I think this is very important so please take note - the recipe on the website asks you to blitz the prawn shells and other bits in the stock for 20 seconds on speed 8 before cooking.  If you do that, I would worry that everything would be too fine to strain properly and you would end up with a gritty soup or spend an hour trying to strain it through a cloth.  Andrew only did a couple of seconds in the cooking class and everything was still quite chunky so it could be strained easily.  That's what I did and it wasn't a problem to strain and the flavour was just as good.

Check out both photos below.  One of the Bisque (Capital letter again) AND one of Andrew and I where he is kindly pretending he actually knows me rather than just standing close to a blobby girl who rushed up to take a photo of herself with a celebrity

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