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How good IS your thermomix brush!!

Posted by Bee & John on December 9, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Most people who have a Thermomix has been given, or bought, the thermomix brush designed to help clean the thermomix.  I, like all good consultants, give a free brush when I deliver a Thermomix.

The first thing I often get told, and in fact I pre-empt people and laugh about it myself now, is that it looks like a toilet brush - and I guess it does.  However, the design of the brush - like everything to do with the Thermomix - is a brilliant mix of good design and duribility.

The flat bottom of the brush is designed to clean the bottom of the Thermomix bowl, the sticky out green bits are designed to clean the bottom and top of the blade - all in one swirly motion.  Just stick the brush in a gap between two blades and swirl the brush around the bowl a few times.  Swap to another gap and do the same thing.  Within a few seconds your bowl is ready for a quick rinse, to be dried and is ready to go again.  

The handle is lovely and thick, good for all hand strengths, and moulded for a beautiful grip.

Another thing about this fab brush, as I've mentioned, is it's duribility!  I use mine... ALOT!  but a year later on it might need a quick soak in a weak bleach solution to bring it back to a nice white and green, but it is still the same shape and still ready to go!

HINT: A fellow consultant told me a GREAT hint for the brush and now it is even better in my eyes!  It is the PERFECT size to clean muffin pans!  I love to make muffins but hate trying to get in to clean the so called, "non-stick" pans - but now it is super easy, stick the brush in and swirl it around!

Where can you get them?  Speak to your consultant, he/she should be able to grab one for you, they are $5.  Alternatively your consultant will be able to give you a Customer Order form and you can order from Head Office - although you will need to pay for postage, so while you are at it.... check out some other goodies you can buy for your Thermomix, after all, you only pay one lot of postage - make it count :-)T

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