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Butter Chicken - from Indian Cookbook

Posted by Bee & John on December 22, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Everytime I deliver a thermomix to someone and they use the butter chicken recipe from the Everyday Cookbook as their first dish (I wait while they make their first dish and provide a safety net and advice if asked) I nearly always go home and make it!  It is just SO delicious and something very fancy and special made so very easily.

Well!.... it happened again the other week and I immediately asked John to bring home some chicken (SO handy have a butcher in the family)

He countered by asking for another batch of Tikka Paste from the Indian Cookbook.

As I was making that... I thought I would try the Butter Chicken recipe in the Indan Cookbook and see how it compares.  Well... it blew the EDC recipe out of the water!!  Hooley dooley it was delicious!

First difference, no cashews - second difference (and main point of difference) is that the tikka paste is used to marinate the chicken first.  The flavours are just SO much richer and.... and.... yummy!  (If I was a chef I could talk fancy about textures and bursting on the palate... but suffice to say it is delicious!)

HINT: I used milk instead of cream.  A little runnier but not as rich.  It was delicious still

HINT: When I mentioned this recipe to my sister, she said she makes it all the time - she doubles the recipe to make 8 large meals which she then puts away for my hungry teenager Nephew!  To double it, she found it was easier to double the recipe for the SAUCE only and make that.  Then cook up the marinated chicken pieces later and add to the mixture.

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