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Almond Pastry Tartlets

Posted by Bee & John on January 13, 2012 at 9:10 PM

At a BBQ our team had before Christmas, Fran (our group leader) brought these tiny little almond pastry tartlets!  Oh Boy!  I scoffed the lot!  (or that's what it felt like at the time - I THINK some other people had some)

So... I had to make them!  I even bought a mini muffin tray to make them in.  Now in all honesty, you don't need to make them in mini muffin trays... try larger pie dishes, or muffin pans or anything that you would NORMALLY use for your sweet pastry.

What made them so nice?  It is the Pastry!!  The almond pastry, althought not that much different to normal shortcrust pastry, was just so delicious!!  It was like almond shortbread, which I suppose it is.

The recipe I used is the Almond Pastry recipe in the Every Day Cookbook.  It was easy to make and it made 30 little tartlets.  I didn't try rolling it thin and then trying to fit it into the muffin cases, I kept it quite thick, cut out smaller circles and then squished them into shaped in the muffin pans.  That way I easily got the pasty into the "holes" and they were easily shaped into the shape of the muffin tray.

Cook the pastry cases first.  Then they can be kept in an airtight container for ages until you need them (if you can wait that long).  

I filled mine alternately with lemon butter (I did a 1/2 batch) and some of the Caramel I made a little while ago.  The great thing was, there was one left the next day (don't know HOW that could happen!) and I munched it for breakky... it was still crunchy!  Yum! :lol:

HINT: I was supposed to use blanched almonds... I was far too impatient to do that (you CAN do that in the thermomix as seen in this recipe) and wait for the almonds were dry... so I just used almonds with their skin on.  It worked out fine!  I guess you would use Blanched Almonds to make the pastry look pale, but as you can see below, they look fine.

HINT: The chocolate drizzle effect is EASY peasy.  If you have already got some grated chocolate all the better, but ok if you have just a few blocks or pellets of chocolate.  Put into a small bag and collect in one corner.  Boil some water in your kettle and fill a coffee cup.  Wait for a few minutes and dip the corner of the plastic bag into the water and wait until the chocolate is melted.  I am impatient (I think I might have mentioned that) and I take it out every now and again and squish it a bit.  Anyway... when it is melted, dry the bag and cut a TINY little bit of the plastic bag corner off and then use that as a piping bag.  That way, you only need to melt a few bits of chocolate and then just throw away the bag when you are finished :)

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