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Sausages in brown onion gravy

Posted by Bee & John on March 14, 2012 at 4:05 AM

Ah.... Sausages in brown onion gravy.  The ultimate in comfort food.  Rich, tasty, filling and just darn YUM!!

Pre-Thermomix, this was one of my 6 recipes.  That's right, I had 6 recipes.  My girls didn't starve... but variety was something that happened in other people's houses.

The original recipe was from my cook book bible... the Women's Weekly Favourites book.  Worn and weary after 20 odd years in my kitchen.

John came home with some sausages they were making at work, some gourmet thick beef sausages, and asked if we could have the sausages in brown onion gravy.  Well... first thing I had to do was remind myself on how to use the frypan LOL.  I hadn't made it in such a long time.  It was delicious as only a ages old favourite recipe can be - but a pain to make now that I do all my cooking in the thermomix.  I had to WORK at it!  sigh.

So, this week, I've made it again, but this time - in the Thermomix!  We haven't had it yet, the lord and master isn't home yet.... but I've had a taste and it is even better than the hard work version!

So, a word about sausages first.  What sort should you get? GOOD ones.  Half a dozen good sausages will feed 4-6 people where you would have needed a dozen or more to do the same with cheap ones - so it actually works out cheaper to go for the good stuff!!



  • sausages.  However many you want to use.
  • 1 large bown onion, peeled and quartered
  • 25g of olive oil
  • (optional) 2 rashers of bacon)
  • (optional) 1 Debrecini or chirizo
  • 25g of soy sauce
  • 10g of Worcestershire Sauce
  • 35g of plum or BBQ sauce
  • 80g of tomato sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of Thermomix concentrated veggie stock
  • 1250 of water
  • 50g of corn flour
  • veggies of your choice


In the Thermomix bowl, but the onion and chop for a few seconds on 7
scrape down the bowl and add the 25 g of oil
cook for 5 minutes on Varoma temperature, REVERSE, speed 1

While that is cooking



chop the bacon (if using) into small pieces and add through the lid to join the onion. (a little chopped mushroom at this stage is delicious too!)



Also, chop the Debrecini or Chirizo (if using) into small, thin pieces and put aside for the time being.



Add the cornflour to a glass or small bowl.  Mix 50-100g of the cold water with it until it forms a smooth paste.

Lay the sausages (not the chorizo or debracini - that's for the sauce) in the Varoma Basket - Use both trays if necessary, careful not to completely block the holes in the bottom - it's ok to block them a bit, you have to put the sausages SOMEWHERE, just allow SOME steam to still come in.



When the onions (and bacon if you are using) are finished - add everything else, including the debracini or chorizo (if using)  

Place the varoma on top of the thermomix bowl and cook for 45 mintues on varoma temperature - speed 2, REVERSE.

WHILE THAT IS COOKING - put some hot water (boiling if you can) into your Thermoserver.

If you want, cook for 25 mintues and then add some chopped veggies to the sausages and continue cooking for another 20-25 minutes.

Tip out the water from your thermoserver.
Put the sausages into the server (I chop them into bits, that's up to you)
pour the sauce over the sausages and put the lid on.  Why?  the sauce is SO very much richer if it just sits for 20-30 mintues.

Clean the TM bowl and make some rice or mashed potatoes and serve with the sausages and gravy.

HINT: the sauce itself is delicious - the juices of the sausages does make it nicer, but it is nice all by itself.  Use it for gravy for any meat.  Obviously if you are not steaming sausages it won't take that long to cook, maybe only 8-10 minutes - so cut down the water by about 500g


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