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Posted by Bee & John on April 8, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I received an emai/post for Tartiflette from Tenina.com the other day, and it sounded delicious!!  but... It is a side dish and I was going to be busy that day and didn't have time to do the salad or another dish so I decided to have a play with the recipe and  make it into a main meal.

Definately get all the ingredients needed to make Tenina's Tartiflette, (except for the wine)

but also you'll need...

  • 4 eggs
  • 100ml milk
  • 1 batch of short crust pastry
  • Make the pastry and put aside. 
  • cook the potatoes (either Tenina's method or see below)
  • in a clean dry bowl, chop the onion and scrape down
  • add the butter (I didn't do the wine as I was adding milk and eggs) and sautee as required
  • I cooled down the onions with a couple of ice cubes - but if you are not as impatient as me - just wait until they were cooler.  Taking them out to cool would be quicker.
  • add the milk and eggs to the cooled onion/butter mixture and mix on speed 4 for 30 seconds
Putting it all together
  • Roll out the pastry.  (I roll on a sheet of baking paper and then use that paper to carry the pasty to the dish AND as a liner to help take out the quiche - super easy)
  • put it in the dish.  If you aren't using baking paper, make sure the dish is well buttered
  • lay a layer of the sliced potatoes evenly in the dish on top of the pastry, then add some bacon or prosciutto - then repeat until all used up.
  • pour the onion/egg mix on top
  • dot the top with sliced pieces of ripe camembert.
Then, cook as per Tenina's instructions.  Mine took a good 40 minutes - I did it in quite a deep dish and that will take longer than having it in a wider, shallower dish.

HINT: I put some grated parmesan cheese in the pastry. just replaced some of the butter needed with the equivalent grams of parmesan... mmm!!

HINT: I didn't use the steam method for the potoatoes as I was using the Thermomix (gee... I wish I had TWO!!).  I cooked the potatoes in the microwave for a while and then let them sit for a while until they were cooked.  
The benefits for that is that I could chuck the potatoes into the microwave on my way out of the house when I needed to leave for a meeting earlier in the day.  
****The DOWN SIDE to doing this, is that you can only cut the potatoes in a more of a chunky way.  Thick slices.  They don't look as good, I personally didn't mind, but if I was doing it for guests I would cut thinner and steam them using the Varoma.

LESSON: I decided to to do this on the day before Good Friday... I didn't have any bacon or prosciutto - so I went to the supermarket.  Now, with John's butcher shop (Walkerville Meats) I have been spoilt with good meats, but I didn't contact him to bring some home because a) it would have been too late and b) the day before Easter/School hols at the butcher shop??  I would have been lucky to get a wave if I went in, no WAY would he have the time to take a call!!.  Anyway... the lesson is, don't settle for what the supermarket's laughingly call triple smoked ham.  John tells me that they don't "smoke" it, they use a chemical to get it that way.  FAIL!!!

Despite the bad choice of ham, it was delicious!!!

two photos follow, uncooked and cooked :-)

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