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Oat Bread

Posted by Bee & John on April 13, 2012 at 3:05 AM

When I make bread, I usually make the basic bread recipe (adding Rye grain instead of wheat because we like it better) or just plain white bread.

Yesterday. however, I didn't have the usual Rye grain and as the bread  was accompanying a meatless meal, I wanted a bit of "something".... So... I tried Oats.

Just rolled oats.

I don't like porridge but use oats a lot in bikkies and in a sweeter Oat and Fruit Bread from my Bread Book, but never tried just oats. I put in 100g of rolled oats. Milled it on speed 9 for 10 seconds. Added 330 of boiling water and waited until it had cooled to 37oC.

Why the extra water? (normally 300g for basic bread) - I figured the oats would soak up some of the water while the water was cooling.

When it was cooler, I added 430g of white flour - some salt - 2 tsp of dried yeast and 30g of oil.  Then just process as normal.  (mix for 5 seconds on 5.  Then knead for 2.5 minutes on interval speed)

First thing you'll notice is that it is a sticky dough.  Don't add flour, it is worth the extra 20 seconds it takes to grab the rest of the dough out of the bowl.  Use olive oil on your hands to stop it sticking.

Let it prove twice, cook on 200oC for around 40 minutes (as always, every oven is different) and then let it cool at least 15 mintues before cutting (IF you can)

Why is this differernt?  It was delicious!  And....t  was the SOFTEST bread I've made so far.  now, 24 hours later it is STILL the softest bread I have made.  Give it a go - it really is delicious!

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