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KFC Coating

Posted by Bee & John on April 17, 2012 at 5:25 PM

Kerrie Farm Chicken Coating.... Why do it?  FABULOUS!    

Easy?  weeeellllll.... not as in chuck it in and Bob's your Uncle type of recipe - you have to soak the chicken, make the seasoning and then fiddle a bit with the coating.  But it certainly doesn't need any special skills and if you have already made the seasoning (It makes enough for about 3-5 meals depending on the size of the meals) then it comes back to super easy.

The seasoning... did I follow it to the letter?  No (surprised??).  Why not?  I didn't HAVE white pepper, I didn't have celery seeds or allspice.  So.... I added a bit extra black pepper instead of the white and added half a tablespoon of dried onion instead of the celery and allspice.

LESSON: one other ingredient is interesting.  "pepper flakes".  Now, I can only presume that that is dried chillies?  That is certainly what I took it for BUT... I only put in 1/2 a TEAspoon, not the required half a TABLEspoon.  Heat wise?  a lovely little nibble, not a big bite of heat.

LESSON: do NOT think you know what you are doing and just dip the chicken into the milk, then some dry flour mix and then cook (not that I did that the first time... oh no!!  Of COURSE I  actually READ the recipe!).  


  • You need to SOAK the chicken in a flavoured milk (I used full cream milk because that is what I had - not buttermilk) The milk not only makes it soft and wet enough for the coating, but milk is a tenderiser 
  • and then you need to make a mostly dry, LUMPY flour mix
  • then dip the soggy chicken into the flour mix so it gets a thick coating


Another thing I stuffed up the first time I made this was when I made the spice mix...  I read "teaspoon" instead of TABLESPOON" the flavour just wasn't there.... this time I actually used TABLEspoon's worth of spices and amzingly... it worked!!  (except for the "pepper flakes" which I used half a teaspoon as discussed)

So... how do you do this?  SOAK the chicken in the spiced milk (I had 4 chicken thighs without skin) for at least an hour.  Because I only had the chicken thighs, I found that there was way too much milk.  I should have cut it down by a third.  

When you are ready - mix up the flour mix - make sure you have it the consistency required - have some water ready in the sink to rinse your fingers when finished or you get mixture all over the sink while you switch on the taps :).  I thought I would only do half the flour mix but that was a mistake.  The coating goes on thick and takes up quite a bit of the mixture.

I had some olive oil heating in my frypan and I cooked one piece at a time.  It didn't take long - a minute or two either side - and then put the piece into an oven dish.  I was surprised how much oil the coating was soaking up - but this is a once in a while recipe AND it was a "good" oil... I noticed the recipe calls for rice ban oil... just use the oil you have in the kitchen.  Was the final chicken "oily" not at ALL!  Not oily or greasy!

LESSON: I sat the chicken on some baking paper, in the dish for the oven.  I think in the future I might sit them on a wire tray as the bottom got a bit soggy.  While the coating doesn't go cruncy, it was lovely and soft...  the soggy bottom didn't win any points

HINT: John loved it - he said it would also be great as a coating for snitzels or Calamari

A couple fo photos follow - the seasoning mix... the coated chicken, the "fried" chicken and then the final meal with some home made potato salad.

See how "lumpy "this mix is?

This is the chicken coated in the mixture

In the dish waiting to go in the oven (I cooked them for 25 minutes)

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