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Dairy Free Mousse

Posted by Bee & John on April 19, 2012 at 2:05 AM

We had a special dinner for Easter Sunday... just the two of us... got dressed up and cleared the table and everything!

What did we eat?  John made the main and I did the dessert.  I made Quirky Jo's Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse with cranberry "dirt"  (you might notice that Jo used blueberries... what can I say - I LIKE cranberrties and what is more... I HAD them and I didn't have any dried blueberries.  Could I have used frozen blueberries?  No - it needs to be dried or the "dirt" will go mushy.

How was it to make?  Easy!  Some people stress about beating egg whites in the TM bowl but I have never had any problem!!  Remember the rule of needing a super clean bowl (check under the blades) and you won't either!!

The "dirt" was super easy and made the dessert even more classy looking.  Tasted darn fine too!  Quick?  seconds..... literally :-)

Taste?  It was nice.  REALLY nice!!!  Something to note - we ate the first serve straight from the fridge.... a couple of days later we had the last two serves which had been left out for a little while and were at room temperature... these were MUCH better so...

LESSON: eat at room temperature.

The recipe is very much like one that my mother has made for us kids since I was a little girl and although Jo's recipe is very special AND dairy free and wonderful.... memory makes a slave of us all with our tastebuds.  Nothing tastes better than our memories and unfortunately this came a very close second to my Mother's mousse (I'll post that recipe next)

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