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Caramel Mud Cake (ish)

Posted by Bee & John on May 2, 2012 at 6:10 PM

for my birthday LAST year I recieved a birthday card from Thermomix Head Office (Aust) with a wonderful recipe in it... and have been dying to try it ever since.  Every now and again I would find the card amoungst my recipes and think "mmmm.... must do that"

Finally... I did!!  Not for anything special... just for us.

I have never made a Mud cake before, I thought that they were hard to make - and expensive too with heaps of eggs and choc.  Well, certainly this recipe did take 4 eggs, but not the 12  I was thinking it would.  It did take chocolate, but only 250g - so cost wise - economical.

There ARE a few things you need to know before making this cake (and yes... I will give you a link to the recipe - but read these first)



  • I didn't have vanilla paste, so I put in some of my home made vanilla essence instead (2 teaspoons like the recipe calls for) - that was fine!
  • I din't have white chocolate, I used dark - still YUM!!
  • When you get to the "mix the eggs while the blades are turning" DO NOT just whip the speed up to 6 without having the MC in place.  Chocolate cake mixture EVERYWHERE!.  When I recovered and cleaned up - I set the blades going SLOWLY and it was at speed 4 where they were mixing the mixture without spitting it up throught the lid so I used that speed. 
  • do NOT just butter the springform tin - the cake sticks to it still.  it may be fiddly to fit some baking paper in, but it  will be worth it!  Don't worry about the edges tho as the cake shrinks away from the edges as it cools
  • Yes, that is right... the cake shrinks as it cools!  I don't know if that is normal or not (not having made a mud cake before) but my cake looked much less impressive after it cooled :(
  • if your foil is not wide enough to do the cake tin.... get two sheets and fold over the edges a couple of times to get a waterproof seal

I didn't make the cream as I already had some vanilla cream (cream whipped with a little vanilla sugar) so used that.

Taste?  REALLY nice.  Although dense, it WAS a heavy cake.... but wasn't at the same time.  You didn't feel like you had eaten a brick when you finished, but new you had eated some cake.  The biggest surprise was that the cake wasn't sweet!  Well it was sweet, but not overly so.

Now... the recipe :)  This website has the recipe

A couple of pics for you....

See the seam I made for the foil?

This is straight from the oven

Taste time!!


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