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Monkey Bread

Posted by Bee & John on June 4, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Monkey bread I hear you ask?  My OS readers - particularly from the USA will be nodding in recognition... Us Aussies will be going.. WHAT?  That was my first reaction when Kylie (a new member to Tick of Yum) sent me a "have you done this" email.

What is Monkey bread?  In short, it is little balls of bread dough rolled in something and put all together to bake.  Then pulled apart again when eaten.

What is usually used as the "something" is melted butter with cinnamon sugar - that is certainly what I used!  Kylie suggested that a garlic & cheese one would be nice (I agree!  I think that will have to be next!!)

Of course the wonderful Quirky Jo has already made this delicious treat and has a fabulous how to on her site.  She's right... it is delicious hot!

Jo used some fancy tins, but I just used a ring tin.  After making it, I don't think it matters what tins you use.  Use muffin tins if you want small ones, a cake tin if you want a larger one :)

I used just the plain Brioche dough, but agreed with Jo that the dough itself didn't need any sugar as there was was MORE than enough in the cinnamon sugar coatings.  You don't have to be too fussy with the sizes of the "balls" as they all fit together anyway and the different sizes makes it look really groovy!

Why would you do this?  It would be a great thing for kids.  Great to send to school instead of a cake for a birthday or a special treat, as each child can just grab a ball or two.  Very nice for adults too mind you... especially as it is so very different.

HINT:  After a few days, this little treat was starting to get a little stale, so I sliced the balls thinly and tossed them into an egg wash for a super french toast treat!  MMMM!!!

BEFORE baking...

AFTER baking.....

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