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Thermomix... a good investment?

Posted by Bee & John on August 7, 2012 at 5:10 AM

 So.... how much do you have to use your thermomix to make it worthwhile?


This post was prompted by someone telling me recently, that I cheated in buying wonton wrappers already made. It made me think, in fact, I actually felt guilty after that comment, but should I have? Just because you have a Thermomix, do you have to make EVERYTHING you can, to make your investment worthwhile?

I often get the following statement at my demonstrations, "Im not sure if I'd use it enough". So, lets see how much IS enough?


What if you live a life where all you want to make in your thermomix is some of the concentrated stock once every couple of months. Then, weekly, you make one 1.5 litre batch of soup, and maybe two lots of bread dough. One to make a loaf of bread, the other to make some scrolls (cheese/vegemite, custard or pizza etc)? That's not much is it? Is it worth buying your thermomix for that?


Lets look at what you save over the week, the month, then over a year.


With the Bread, I am comparing my cost of $1.50 with a comparable loaf at $4.50. The scrolls will make 6 large scrolls for $3 - the same price as only one at a comparable Baker. With the soup, I am comparing 1 litre of Thermy soup compared to 2 tins of chunky gourmet soup (which, both together, are actually less in volume than a Thermy soup).  With the stock, I am comparing our concentrated stock (at the most, $5 a kilo) with the new concentrated stock in stores (@ $28 a kilo!!) and assuming you will need one kilo batch every 2 months.


      (savings) 1 week     1 month     1 year

Bread               $3              $12         $144

Scrolls             $15            $67         $810

Soup                $5              $20         $240

Stock               $3               $12         $144


So.... just over $1300 savings a year for only doing 4 things a week! What's more... your thermomix is going to last you 20-30 years (thats $26,000 - 39,000 savings)


Now, lets consider something we don't value very much but we should..... Our time! Lets give a conservative value to our hourly rate at home, lets say $15 per hour. I think that if you speak to anyone who owns a thermomix, the one thing they will say is that it saves you SO much time, but lets just allocate 20 minutes savings a day.

20 minutes savings a day, over one week is 2.5 hours. @ $15/hour that is $37.50 a week.... $168 a month and a whopping $2025 over the course of a year!

I think it is rare for a person to use their Thermomix so rarely, but even a single person - making just a few simple dishes a couple times a week will save the cost of their thermomix in a very good time. If you take into account the ability to make specialty items cheap (eg: rice milk for 20c a litre) and the ability to EASILY make good food easily, without all the additives, colour and packaging......

A good investment? I not only think so, but am assured of it!

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