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Table for one

Posted by Bee & John on September 8, 2012 at 5:40 PM

I think I had mentioned that there was a talk recently at our meeting about cooking for 1 person.  I certainly understand the frustrations of cooking for one as I was a single mum for 15 or so years and then lived on my own for 3 until I met my wonderful John! (yep, happens even to old chicks like me!!)

SO here I am asking for help and giving some in regard to cooking for 1 or 2 people.

First of all - do YOU have a thermomix recipe for one or two people serves only??  Caroline from our Branch is collecting recipes with the view to having a recipe book put together for smaller serves.  It can be a Thermomix recipe you have converted OR a recipe you have from elsewhere that you enjoy making in your thermomix.  If you do, please email them to me ([email protected]) and I will pass on to Caroline.

Secondly - HOW do you convert a recipe to a smaller number of serves... First of all, there is no tried and true method - each recipe has it's own caracteristics and challenges, but here are some suggestions

Number one challenge - ingredients

Set up a spread sheet where you can enter in amounts for flour/meat etc and the formulas will automatically reduce the amounts down.  Don't know how to do this?  I have a basic Excell spreadsheet that I have put together and can send you - email me -   Oviously this is a rough guide - it might be hard to use 1/4 of an egg... but should work in most instances

Number two challenge - cooking times

For baking

  • things like bikkies - if may take 10 mintues to cook 30 bikkies, but it will take 10 minutes to cook 5 also!  It really relates to the size...
  • 1 large quiche is going to take more time to cook that 2 little quichettes.  And one big cake against cupcakes......

What about Casseroles in the Thermy bowl?
  • basically it may take a little less (about 20% less), but if it is going to take 20 minutes to cook chicken in a casserole, it will still need that time to cook 4 chunks as it is to cook 40.
  • The time difference will be in heating it to the right temperature in the first place.  This is incorporated within the recipe for the larger amounts and will need to be changed for the smaller meals.  Waht do I mean??......
    • It will take about 5-10 minutes to heat up a full bowl of cold water and ingredients to cooking temperature and then about 10-15 minutes to then cook the food.  
    • With less in the bowl, it might only take 2-3 mintues to get to temperature and then you have the 10-15 mintues cooking time

And steaming??
  • This isn't going to change much - it is going to take the same time to steam one chunk of carrot as it is to cook a kilo of chunks - again it is about the size of the veggie
  • Where this might change is if you have a smaller amount of soup/casserole etc in the bottom of the thermy to cook a few veggies on the top.  MAKE SURE you have added enough water to cover the extra steaming time!!
  • NOTE: if you are cooking a small amount of soup and you are steaming a few bits of veggie and/or meat... don't use the varoma, but use the simmer basket instead!!
  • HINT: if you want to cook the veggies or meat quicker - cut them smaller 

A common sense suggestion rather than an out an out formula.  The first time you cook a smaller meal, keep an eye on it and note the time it took.  Write that time down and then use that time next time you make it or something similar

 :) :D :) :D  :) :D :) :D

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